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Eurythmy West Midlands offers a unique opportunity for Training in Eurythmy If you are looking for an activity that has both a physical and spiritual dimension, that involves movement, music, poetry, drama, colour, and encompasses education, stage performance and therapy, a training in eurythmy may provide you with the answer to your search.

Eurythmy West Midlands offers two separate programmes which together form the four-year eurythmy course: Diploma in Eurythmy Education & Eurythmy as a Performing Art (Level 6)

This programmes is Crossfields Institute Self-Regulated Qualifications (SRQs) – for further information, see below.

The art of eurythmy was developed initially with Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), who worked with movement artists, actors and speakers, painters, teachers, scientists and doctors, gradually to expand this art-form into something which is now practised all over the world.

This part-time training is offered as a joint venture by Eurythmy West Midlands. It gives a unique opportunity to begin a eurythmy training without giving up one's job.

Young eurythmists are invited to develop their artistic eurythmy. This includes active involvement in forming programmes, rehearsing, directing, lighting design, costuming, and all that belongs to touring.

Training in Eurythmy Therapy is a post-graduate training. In the U.K., this takes place in Stroud, Gloucestershire, in blocks during specific vacations.

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